Elemental Movie Review and Summary (2024)

Pixar’s latest releases have been facing public and critical challenges for, among other reasons, not being up to the standard of quality established by the studio itself in its older works. However, several of these productions have their merits, and “Elemental Movie” is no different. The beautiful visuals stand out once again, as does Pixar’s ever-surprising ability to personify inanimate things — in this case the Elementals of air, water, earth, and fire. But the script, despite so many good intentions, ends up being the biggest villain of the work.

Elemental Review

A Journey Through Elemental Movie

Our protagonist is Faísca, a young immigrant from the people of Fogo who lives with her parents in a community in Cidade Elemento. In the great metropolis, beings formed by Water, Earth and Air live in harmony, while the individuals of Fire live on the margins and face the prejudice of others before the destructive power of the flaming element. With the pressure of taking over the business when her father retires and difficulties controlling her explosive temper, Faisca plunges into a sea of confusion and discoveries when she meets the Water elemental, Gota, who involves her in a situation that could close the store. your family.

Different from the traditional adventure comedy, “Elemental Movie” fits better in the romantic comedy genre with good coming-of-age touches. While the trailers sold the relationship between the couple a lot, the family background and the protagonist’s maturation is an essential part of the story, even if it is never fully embraced. It is a story of immigrants suffering to settle in a distant place, and the young man’s fear of disappointing his parents by not following in his footsteps is something cultural in several countries, especially in Asia.

Not by chance, director Peter Sohn (“The Good Dinosaur”) is of South Korean descent, and the same theme was recently addressed in another Pixar film, “Red – Growing is a Beast”, directed by Chinese Domee Shi. And the best part about this movie is that you can watch it on Goku.tu Movies App.

Charming Characters

In the representation of a couple, Faísca and Gota are charming, and the way full of optimism in which love is portrayed is something healthy in a film for children. However, the character of Água seems to serve more the purpose of awakening new purposes in the protagonist than necessarily having its own development. This construction issue also affects several extras, especially those formed by Air and Earth. So much so that the main representatives of these elementals get the least amount of screen time just so that the four Elementals have characters for promotional materials.

In addition to these points, the script also has light touches of social criticism of the public service bureaucracy and the lack of commitment to solving problems that affect marginalized areas of large cities, but of course, this is a totally superficial secondary plot, used only to do the main floor. This indecision of never going completely down a main path ends up giving a feeling that things are being resolved in a hurry and the pace is too fast — just like that to be able to close so many subplots. This ultimately weakens the emotional pinnacle of the pair, and the feature gains another dramatic peak at the end so that Faisca’s journey of maturation also ends in a moving way.

Charming Characters

The Aesthetics of “Elemental”

Visual perfection is perhaps the only positive unanimity. The production uses advanced techniques so that each character is unique and consistent with the characteristics of its formative element. Despite some repetitive effects, especially between the secondary ones of Air and Water, the textures and fluidity of movement are very well done, especially in the protagonists and their family members. Spark and Fire beings have a look of their own, like a hand-painted painting, and their flames are always in constant turmoil. Water elementals, on the other hand, are even more careful due to their transparency or because they are always reflecting nearby light. The interaction between the Elementals is also beautiful to see.

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Conclusion of Elemental Movie

The harsh reality is that “Elemental Movie” is overcharged as a Pixar release. The visual of the work is something dazzling but is treated by many as “just an obligation” of the studio. And the script, the production’s biggest problem, is still satisfactory and superior to several copies from other studios, even far from promoting an unforgettable revolution as is always expected from Pixar releases. Leaving that pressure aside and sticking to the merits of the film, it is a novel for children that is pleasant to look at, with captivating protagonists within an allegory about superficial immigration but with good intentions.

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